Weber Master Touch Review

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This article contains a complete overview and review of the Weber Master-Touch 22-inch charcoal grill, including assembly and an honest assessment of grilling and smoking performance.

There comes a time in every hobbyist, enthusiast and collector’s life when you say, “I need more”. More options, more control, more stuff. Sometimes I think I’ll always be at that time.

With charcoal grills, that point comes when you realize that grilling is more than just hot, quick steaks and burgers over a fire. But to get there, you may need to upgrade your grill to get the performance and features you need at a higher level.

At first glance, the Weber Master-Touch grill may seem like just the ticket. So, here I am, testing it for your benefit – and mine!

I’ll guide you through the unboxing and assembly of the 22-inch Master-Touch and share the specs and core features. Naturally, I’ll light it up and give it a spin on both the grill and while smoking.

Along the way, I’ll share my honest opinion as well as the pros and cons. The ultimate goal is to help you determine if the Weber Master-Touch Charcoal Grill is worth having and if it’s right for you.

Grill surface of the Weber Master Touch grill

I think it’s important that I always want to know how much grill space is available first.

The Weber 22-inch charcoal grills I have reviewed all have the same large 363-square-inch round grill.

If you apply the rule that you need 72 square inches per person (including vegetables), that’s big enough to cook for 5 to 6 people.
If you cook only meat, it will hold even more.

It also comes with an 80-square-inch heating rack.

What sets the grill grate apart from other models is that this Master Touch has what is called a Gourmet BBQ system with a hinged grate.

This offers more options than the standard round grill.

The system has a round removable part in the middle so you can use it.

Weber Grill Pan
Cast iron pans
Weber Grill Grates


This grill is absolutely packed with features and functionality and comes with Weber’s famous outstanding quality and 10-year warranty.

As you would expect from this brand, the grill looks absolutely stunning and the various components are heavy and well made. The spring-loaded hinge on the back makes opening and closing a dream, especially because it eliminates the need to manipulate the lid while it’s open. No more hanging it on the back of the grill or, if you’re me, awkwardly lifting it back and forth from the grass.

If you don’t need the lid, it’s also easy to remove it completely so you can use it better and allow you to do funky things like use the grill (not included).

The stainless steel cooking grate is actually very heavy. This explains the high quality materials shown here. The middle pops out and you can switch to a cast iron grill if you wish. This is absolutely perfect if you need to grill some meat or vegetables on the grill before you finish grilling around it.

For indirect cooking, you also get two charcoal block holders that allow you to set the fuel aside. This allows you to place a chicken in the center of the grill so that it is not subjected to intense direct heat from below and therefore will slowly grill to perfection.

You will also get a porcelain enamel charring ring. This can be used by placing it on the bottom of the grill, placing the fuel in it, and then the included diffuser plate on top of it. The purpose of this is to keep the fuel burning low and slow and to protect your food from the coals so you can smoke meats like brisket at a lower temperature for longer.


If you don’t need a side table, the Weber Master-Touch is the best 22-inch charcoal grill available. Don’t even look at other manufacturers, if you’re in the market for a charcoal grill, just buy Weber. Grills from other manufacturers are often cheaply made or poorly designed, but that’s not the case with Weber.

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