Weber Q 1200 Review

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The Weber Q 1200 is our first choice for efficient meal preparation on the go. This countertop powerhouse comes to life with the push of a reliable electric starter and preheats quickly with heavy-duty construction – both in the enameled cast iron cooking grate and cast aluminum body. An easy-to-read integrated thermometer helps you track temperatures accurately, and the folding side table provides plenty of room for your grilling tools. While its weight and lack of a locking lid make it less suitable for carrying to remote picnic sites, the Weber Q 1200 is the ideal companion for road trips and car camping. Many portable grills can cook food, but lack the skills needed to grill more than hot dogs and burgers. This one brings power and control to the category better than the competition.

The Weber Q 1200 is a unique portable grilling option, primarily in terms of design. Weber is known for its recognizable kettlebell design – it’s even the company’s logo – and this grill uses a similar lid design to mimic the reliable heat distribution of its 189-square-inch cooking surface. A single U-shaped burner delivers 8,500 BTUs to efficiently heat the surface of the enameled cast iron grill. While it tops our list of portable grills, the Q 1200’s 31-pound, 3.2-cubic-foot frame is best suited for your backsplash, apartment patio or as part of your RV setup.

How Portable Is It?

While the Q1200 is just the right amount of portable for some, it’s certainly a failure for others.

It uses small disposable 14- or 16-ounce propane tanks for fuel. If you want to connect a more economical and refillable 20-lb. propane cylinder, Weber makes an accessory adapter and hose that will do just that. There is also an aftermarket kit that allows you to convert the Q Grill to a low-pressure quick disconnect line using RV.

I think there’s a huge knock against it being truly portable. It’s about 30 pounds and a bit of a pain to transport without wheels. Out of the box, it feels a bit clunky and awkward. It’s not the type of grill you’d want to carry very far. There is a stand that makes it easy to carry. But after paying more money for the nearly stationary Weber Q, a stand might not seem so feasible. Or it might. I guess it depends on how attractive the Weber Q1200 is to you.

Ease of Use

The Q1200 makes grilling easy and fun, which both amateurs and experts should appreciate. Push-button electronic ignition kicks in every time, a welcome feature considering that most portable grills let you use matches. The control burner valve lets you easily adjust the flame to low, medium and high, but be aware that the grill tends to lose heat quickly when the coated cast aluminum lid is opened.

Cooking capabilities

The cooking capacity of the Weber Q1200 will vary greatly depending on the outside temperature and whether you are using a 500 gram cylinder or a larger cylinder.

In very cold weather, the small cylinder will not work properly and you may have difficulty maintaining the temperature.

Otherwise, under normal conditions, you can put a few steaks and some sausages in it and cook them without problems once the temperature is reached.


This Weber grill is very easy to assemble and light. It is small and light enough for long walks to those longer campsites and can easily support a small group of people.

The side tray is a nice touch and can make a big difference. You can attach disposable 14.1 or 16.4 ounce cylinders and even the most inexperienced camping cook can successfully cook anything.

Anyone familiar with Weber products knows the build quality will be reliable. It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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